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The different Self-Help categories we cover.

If you don't find here where you are looking for, don't worries we will still try to create a help program for you.



-Seeing opportunities
-How to create wealth

Behavior Changes

-Stop smoking
-Weight control

Body Improvements

-Weight reduction
-Breast improvements

Character Changes

-Anger control

Special Children Treatments

-In this category we make for each case a special mp3

Easy Childbirth

-For each trimester is there a personal mp3

Bad Habits Removal

-Bed wetting

Changing Mental Attitude

-For all those things, that you feel have to change

Help With Mental Health

-Erasing someone from your mind

Help With Odontology

-Fear of the dentist
-Becoming more conscious of your teeth

Pain Control

-Local pain control
-Chronic pain control

Help With Phobias

-For every phobia we make a complete new program

Help With Physical Health

-On personal request only

Help With Relationships

-Adjusting partners to each other
-Low libido


-Anxiety control

Improving Your Skills

-Athletic ability
-Creative Abilities

Improving In Sports and Games

-Better results in your sports
-Playing better Poker

Improving Your Studies

-Study Habits
-Memory recall at will
-Exam anxiety

Help With Surgery


Help With Traumas




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