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Example of categories where we can help you with.

If you do not find here where you are looking for, no worries we are still will create a help program for you. 



-View opportunities
-How to create wealth

Behavioral changes

-Give up smoking
-Weight control

Body Improvements

-Weight reduction
- Breast enhancements

Character changes

-Anger control

Special Treatments for Children

-In this category we make for each case a special mp3

Easy birthing

- For every quarter there is a personal mp3

Elimination of bad habits


Mental Attitude Change

-For all those things you have to change

Help with Mental Health

- To erase a person from your mind

Help with Dentistry

-Fear of dentist
-more and more aware of your teeth

Pain Management

-Control of local pain
-Control of chronic pain

Help with phobias

-For each phobia we make a new complete program

Help with physical health

-At personal request only

Help with relationships

-Fitting partners with each other
- Decreased libido

Personal growth

Anxiety control


Improve your skills

- Creative Ability

Improve in sports and games

-Better results in your sports
- Playing the best poker

Improve your studies

-Study habits
-Memory in va
-Assessment exam

Help with surgery


Help with Traumas




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